Traffic Violations and DUI in Chicagoland


There are many different types of traffic violations in the Chicagoland area, and each is unique. You could get a speeding ticket, a red light ticket, or something much more serious like a DUI. Longe Law has you covered regardless of the charge you receive. We know the expected outcomes and how best to minimize your consequences and penalties. We’ll do our best to minimize your fines and avoid prison time.

While some situations will only include the police officer and you, paying a ticket and moving on, other situations include an appearance in court. While you have an option to use a court appointed lawyer,  you need to also understand that the outcome is only as good as the lawyer you choose. Gbenga Longe is a highly experienced lawyer in the Chicagoland area, and will do everything possible to ensure you get the best outcome in your traffic case.

Let Longe Law help care for you and your criminal charges. Choose us and know that you made the best decision you could in this serious time of life.