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Domestic violence can refer to many different acts committed by a person against another, in a domestic relationship. It can be marriage, living together, and many other family arrangements. Many crimes that can be considered domestic violence, and many are punished harshly by the criminal justice system. While sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and physical violence are common categories, domestic violence can also be considered many other types of abuse, neglect, assault or violation of protection/restraining orders.

Since these crimes are serious and emotion, it’s imperative to find a good lawyer who will provide a solid defense strategy. Gbenge Longe is an experienced attorney who offers caring and intelligent representation. She knows domestic violence cases bring with them difficult and close relationships. She will help you navigate this and understands what you are going through.

We also know that both men and women may be arrested or charged for disputes that lead to violence – and it doesn’t always matter who is at fault or what occurred during the incident. Police on the scene by default don’t know the story, and laws are set. They need to follow proper protocol and put an end to the situation, sorting out the facts later. Again, that’s where a good family/domestic defense attorney is crucial.

Consequences and penalties for domestic violence can vary widely, and also depend on your previous criminal record, if you have one. Weapons used or threatened, injuries and repeated offenses also will greatly add to potential problems.

Also, having a domestic violence charge on your record, regardless of the result, will impact your life in addition to penalties you’ll face. Public opinion may be against you, and it will hurt. Emotionally and in your daily life, you’re also sure to face embarrassment and be judged in your circle of friends and community. The situation also can affect or lead to protection orders, marital status, and child custody terms. This, plus fines and possible prison time, means there is much to gain with an improved result.

Having legal representation like attorney Gbenga Longe can help protect your rights, salvage your reputation, and ensure your case goes as smoothly as possible given the difficult circumstances.