Illinois Child Support Law

In the State of Illinois, parents required to pay child support until their children are eighteen years old. However, a court may obligate a parent to pay child support while their child is attending college. In some cases, the needs of the child may change or the financial situation of the parents change. The Longe Law Firm represents clients with child support matters stemming from divorce, enforcement actions, post-judgment modifications, support reductions and increases due to the changes in each parent’s finances.

Illinois law determines child support obligations by calculating and incorporating both the non-custodial and the custodial parent’s income. This calculation is called the “Income Shares Method” and Illinois no longer uses a straight percentage to calculate the non-custodial parent’s income to determine the child support obligation.   

The court also has the discretion to require payment of additional support to help pay for:

  • College tuition and associated expenses
  • Enrichment pursuits
  • Private school tuition
  • Special medical, legal, and educational needs
  • and other essential needs for the child.